Deborah Goaldman


Like many people I was anchored to “reality” by my intellectual mind.  But unlike others I had a strong thirst for Spirit, which sometimes gave me experiences that didn’t make rational sense.  My response was to accept the truth lesson and discard the mode of transportation, a useful safety mechanism for keeping me balanced.  My involvement in the Teaching Mission exploded that secure intellectual world.

The Teaching Mission was an answer to a prayer that I made around the age of 25, in the same way that The Urantia Book was an answer to a prayer when I was 16.  The only difference was the Teaching Mission answer didn’t begin to arrive for more than 15 years.  My prayer was simple—“Father, I want more than an intellectual belief.  I want to experience the truth of You within me—transform belief into living proof.”  

What I didn’t understand in my 20’s was that the real transformation is to encompass all of me.  A line from a contemporary Christian song represents what this transformation means to me now.  “In my heart and my soul, I give you control. Consume me from the inside out.”

My commitment to the Teaching Mission felt like a leap off a cliff--not knowing whether I would fly or fall.  Nonetheless I took that leap trusting that our Heavenly Father would keep me safe.  I developed my ability to receive messages from celestial beings by sheer persistence through my fears.  My intellect told me that I didn’t have the knack for this even though I already had a few mind encounters in years prior to the Teaching Mission.  In the Bakersfield Teaching Mission group, all members practiced TRing (transmitting/receiving).  We supported each other’s efforts and in that safety net we expanded our abilities.  

After the group disbanded I was in limbo for a couple of years.  Then I accepted that my group was invisible and resumed TRing for myself.  My process is to meditate and then open myself to communication with a journal and pencil in hand.  Occasionally I have the opportunity to TR for a large group.  In that situation anxiety and self-doubt still nag and inhibit me, so the celestial teachers must find ways to help me overcome that hurdle.   Much of what I have learned from the teachers comes from observing them in relationship with us.  They are wonderful role models.

Pass me on the street and I will seem to be an ordinary person.  I’ve been married for over 25 years and have two daughters and lots of pets.  I have a B.S. degree in geology and teach science in junior high school.  As a member of Unity Church, I lead its choir and prison ministry.  I am certified as a Reiki master and continue to pursue my interest in spiritual healing.  

Recently I co-facilitated a stillness workshop at the Urantia Family conference.  As my retirement from teaching approaches I will be expanding my service of spirit for the betterment of our world.  I offer my service to you in learning how to contact your spiritual teachers.

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