Donna D’Ingillo                             Founder, Center for Christ Consciousness


Center for Christ Consciousness ( offers spiritual guidance and healing, and is a place to receive expansive information on the Correcting Time and planetary ascension.  The services provided are offered on a donation basis and include training in the practice of Stillness, connecting you to your celestial guides and helpers, helping you open to an intimate relationship with your Divine Father and Mother, and Generational Healing--an in-depth healing modality that reprograms the subconscious mind from the blocks and challenges that hold you back from accessing your higher SELF, divine life plan and intimacy with your Spirit.  We also provide books and CDs to assist your journey.

Teach Us to Love ( is my manual to open you to an intimate loving relationship with your Indwelling God Presence. It outlines how to connect with God in the Stillness practice via the "Seven Steps of Stillness".  Also covered are chapters on forgiveness, effective prayer, seeing the presence of God in others, Jesus' inspiration for human life, and healing. 

For many other books, CDs, MP3s, and other materials, please visit:

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