Doug Dodge


I first heard about the Urantia Book in 1979 during a Philosophy 101 course my freshman year in college. It wasn’t too long afterwards I bought a copy of the book and discovered what most find in this revelation: a confirmation of truth that lies deep in our being.  Over the decades I have been active in local study groups, attended regional and national conferences, and now I am building a new study group in Lincoln, NE. 

I heard about the teaching Mission in 1991 when I received a cassette tape and transcript of Ham from a dear friend.  I was busy raising my family at the time; I didn't get involved reading and practicing the lessons until 1999.  I was such a Gutenberg printing out all those lesson transcripts to study. I was so impressed I went to the Annual Teaching Mission Conference, in Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma in 2000 to meet these folks in person. 

Over the years the near daily lesson to read from our celestial teachers has been a quiet balance to all the noise that is so prevalent in our lives. Stillness practice becomes a natural sustenance as much as water, air, and food.

Here in Nebraska there is a great opportunity to live the lessons of both the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission and share the “big picture” to my fellows.  Every day, every person you meet is a gift from God. It is an opportunity to see the fragment of god in them and for God’s love to shine out from you.   

If you are every passing by the Heart of America, Lincoln Nebraska, look me up and have a conversation or two. See you all soon. –Doug  

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