Gerald Dalton


As a former Mormon Missionary I was taught to be receptive to the reality of modern day revelation.  However, now that I have taken a different spiritual path, I consider any revelation, regardless of where it comes from or for whom it is intended, to be worth my attention – not just what may be conveyed by certain religious leaders. For me, it’s the message that matters and not the way in which the message arrives. 

I don’t criticize the messenger or dispute the sender if the message rings true to me. When the Correcting Time was announced and the Teaching Mission began I felt it calling to me and have been impressed with the truth of the information being imparted from the beginning. Granted, at times the person receiving and transmitting the information may get in the way of the original message being conveyed, but I understand that we all have a mind that filters input/output according to what we have learned and experienced. As a result the intermediary may inadvertently color the information a bit differently than was originally intended just as we may color it through the filter of our own mind. 

We have the Spirit of Truth as a tool to discern what is or was meant by whoever sent the message, regardless of how it might be colored or distorted, as well as the truth of what was first conveyed. Our world is teeming with celestial helpers that are anxious to guide and instruct us in our daily lives to carry out the mandate to love one and serve another as did He who left us this mandate. 

The Urantia Book is a wonderful source of revealed information, along with other revealed information, that is constantly being expanded upon and interpreted for us by the host of Teachers sent to assist us along our journey toward our Heavenly Father – to each according to their ability to receive. May we apply and share the knowledge being imparted for our own benefit and for all of those with whom we come in contact.

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