Jim Cleveland


Greetings to all spiritual seekers. 

This network is a means to help others discover what my friends and I found to be true. The souls of this world yearn for a deeper level of spirituality, higher levels of truth, peace and respect among all in the human family, a source of non-judgmental, partisan-free spiritual knowledge. There is a wave of celestial teachers here in response, commissioned by the personality we knew as Jesus.

As a skeptic in the 1990s, I read many transmitted teacher lessons from Urantia Book study groups around the country, people of all kinds who were going into sessions of Stillness and receiving dictated narratives from spirit-side teachers, including Q&A. They were often eloquent, invariably consistent and rang my bells of truth. 

I later responded to my group’s need and the constant suggestion of our teachers to begin transmitting myself, learning to release to spirit in faith and say the words and thoughts that they would bring through me.

For some 23 years, I’ve served as a transmitter, written Beyond Cynicism, Celestials over Cincinnati, two celestially-assisted songbooks, four novels. and a book of humor. Dallas musician Mark Austin and I now have 10 music, poetry and comedy CDs that promote spiritual Oneness and altruism.

Otherwise, I am retired from 40 plus years in journalism, public relations and marketing, with a home in Northeast Mississippi and our condo in Deerfield Beach, Florida. 

I am no guru; I am a student-seeker-explorer like you. I would be pleased to share my experiences, ideas, resources and contacts with sincere persons who have felt nudged, internally inspired, to effect teacher contact. 

You are not alone; you are one of many who are awakening within to higher spiritual urges. As a journalist and cynic, I have worked through every possible objection to discover, through experience, that you can indeed have personal spiritual teachers and you can visit with them via oral transmitting, the keyboard or written journal. 

I’m now 76, father of three daughters, supporter of Urantia Fellowship, Unity Fellowship, various social progressive causes, and the arts and music community around Oxford, MS. My beloved companion is Blanche Berland of Deerfield Beach, FL.

You are invited to send me an e-mail with questions or ideas and we can establish a friendly, personal relationship. I’m not interested in arguing with anyone about the validity of teacher contact. It would be better to go into a quiet time with God and ask about it there. This site has a number of resources for your exploration.

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