JoiLin Johnson


Hi, I’m JoiLin Johnson, I’ve been married to Eric for over fifteen years,  and am as in love today as the day we married!

I discovered the Urantia Book in the early eighties, having been on a quest to discover what the, ‘blow my socks off’ spiritual experience I’d had at the tender age of fourteen meant.  The night I discovered the book, I was attending  a meeting to become initiated as a Transcendental Meditator.  Upon arriving I saw the hostess was reading a rather large blue book, and when asking her what it was about, she tried to hide the book and said, “Oh, it’s just a book”.  Well, that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull, it just made me all the more interested, so I kept asking her questions until, after getting frustrated with me enough, she finally said, “ It’s a book about God, about our universe, about the grand universe, and the best telling of the life of Jesus on the planet!” At that point, I just knew I had to read it! I asked her if I could borrow it, and she said, after a few minutes, “I guess I could let you have it for one day.”  I was almost ready to leave my jewelry as collateral! 

I took it home, began at the beginning, (where else would I begin?), and didn’t understand most of what I read…so I began to page through the book reading the words ‘thought adjuster, or controller’, yikes, I thought, I don’t want anyone ‘controlling’ my thoughts! Then I read that Adam and Eve were over seven feet tall and violet hued! I’d had enough!

I took the book back the next day, and the woman asked me what I thought? So I told her it was the most way out science fiction  book I had ever looked at, and I had read dozens, (remember, I was on a quest). She looked at me with one of the most intense looks and said, “I owe you an apology, I did you a grave injustice; I should have told you yesterday that it was not important that you understand a word you read, just read them and get them into your internal memory banks and your God within, your Thought Adjuster, as we call Him, and He will do all the deep level processing that needs to be done.

Whew!  One minute she doesn’t even want me to see the book, and next she’s trying to hook me into reading it!  What’s up with this woman?  Obviously, I gave her back her book.

But her words kept running through my mind over the next several months, and one day I went into a new-age book store just to see if they had the book. Well, they did, just one copy, at thirty dollars; I bought it, took it home and promptly put on the highest shelf in my ‘library’ of books. 

I forgot about that book until I was reading another book,  and it mentioned the Urantia Book. I thought to myself, I think I have that book.  I went over to my library, and low and behold, there it was at the very top, collecting dust! I began reading it, and fell asleep every single time, after about twenty minutes,  and it didn’t matter what time of day I began to read. After years of studying, I finally came to understand just why that happened, but that’s another story.

After my experience at age fourteen, I began praying that I would be given a ‘teacher’, having learned from the varied books I had begun to collect and read, that when the student was ready, a teacher would appear. While beginning to read the Urantia Book, I realized my brain capacity just wasn’t large enough to comprehend what I was reading and I needed someone to read/study with. I wrote to the Urantia Book Foundation, and was sent three names of local readers. I eventually called one of them, and he asked me if I was familiar with what had been going on in the movement recently? I didn’t, so he invited me to meet him at a local restaurant; he said, “I’ll be the tall guy with a thick black binder under his arm”.

To make a long story a bit shorter, he lent me that black binder, which was full of teacher transcripts, collected over the past year. I took them home and inhaled them, reading long into the night until I was finished. Wow!  I was blown away!  I had prayed for a teacher for so many years and now it seemed as if I was really close to having my prayer answered!

I was invited to the Tallahassee Teaching  Mission Meeting, and sat through one of the most wonderful and it seemed to me magical nights of my life!  I asked the sitting transmitter if a person could ‘learn’ to do what she did, and hear the teacher? She assured me they could and began telling me what had worked for her.

Over the next several months, I began to work at ‘practicing’ working with the teachers. I eventually developed a relationship with a ‘personal’ teacher by the name of Ambrose, who gave me some lovely lessons, designed for my own guidance. After a few months of working with him and other teachers, I eventually began to help bring in the teacher lessons for the group.

In 1997 I married and moved away from Tallahassee, to Denver, CO where there was a large reader group, but no Teaching Mission group. We lived in Denver, until 2005, and moved to North Carolina, again with no teacher group available. Without the weekly stimulus of a group, I stopped transmitting, and in fact stopped ‘talking’ to my teacher except sporadically. I’m trying to change that now, and am recommitted to working with my teacher, one by the name of AhmaNiden, as often as I can work it in.

I am open to talking with anyone who would like to know more about what my experience was like in the hope that they can contact their own teacher and receive personal lessons as well. Please contact me through the site. Happy Journeys!

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