Karen Roberts


"I have been going to Urantia Book reader group since 1986, appreciating the stimulating discussions. I persist in attending meetings to share in the unfolding of new depths of understanding of God's love, how the universe is set up and all that Christ Michael has done for us.

I started going to Teaching Mission meetings in 1993. Suddenly the Urantia Book came alive. Christ Michael was talking to us, teaching us, personally helping us to deal with the complexities of life. There has been a comforting sense of agreement between the information revealed in the Urantia book and the relationships I have developed with the teachers. I always wanted to talk to the angels. Talking to the teachers is a dream come true.

I joined Teaching Mission Network because of the deep feeling of God's love, that I feel when I work with the teachers.

I want to help you get to know the teachers and encourage you in your personal path of spiritual decisions to choose loving service.

I live in Northern California. Please email me karenr@mcn.org.

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