Leoma Sparer 


Back in the ‘80’s was when I had my first experience as a conduit for celestial messages.  It was quite a jolt to my whole being, with few knowledgeable people available to help me integrate what was happening.  Finding the Urantia Book in the late 90’s precipitated another paradigm shift in my spiritual journey.  My husband and I sought out other UB readers, which led to connecting with the Teaching Mission in 2002.  That set me on a path I cannot imagine my life without!  So many threads from throughout my life are being woven together to help me fulfill my Divine Life Plan that I am in complete awe of the orchestrations of a loving Creator.

The power of group energies has long been a focus of interest, so we did eventually get a small group together to study the UB and receive celestial messages.  The transcripts of our Andover, MN, TeaM meetings, for which I did much of the transmitting, are archived at TMarchives.com.  Currently I am a participant with several Teaching Mission-related groups for healing.

In 2010 I began building a labyrinth for prayer and healing based on a vision I received.  It has been and continues to be a fascinating process of co-creating with various celestial helpers and receiving transformational energies to benefit all those who enter the sacred space of the labyrinth.  Other skills I’m developing include the use of essential oils, crystals and stones, and Qigong.

It’s such a blessing that this contact list now exists to help ensure seekers aren’t left to flounder in relative isolation like I was!  I will be happy to assist you in practicing the Stillness, learning effective prayer, or in making meaningful contact with your spiritual teachers, those beloved unseen friends just waiting for your attention!

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