Marty Risacher


Greetings !  If you are like me, I suspect that you may be experiencing some degree of curiosity and perhaps more than a little skepticism regarding the assertion that humans on this planet are receiving communication from unseen celestials.  As a lawyer and former judge, I was more than a little skeptical about this idea at first but decided to find out about it anyway.  After all, what was the worse that could happen!

After I was able to overcome my initial fear and skepticism and attend some group meetings, I learned that indeed there are “unseen beings” currently on our planet who are here to assist any spirit seeking individual who contacts them.  My first contact with a “Teacher” occurred in August of 1992.  Since that time, I have had the honor of interacting with literally dozens and dozens of such beings on hundreds of occasions. Today, I consider one of these beings my very best friend as he knows me better than anyone on this planet and he, along with others, has helped me immeasurably through many life crises, including but not limited to a divorce, substance addiction and the transition from a life of chasing money and fame to one of seeking to serve others. 

Never has any of these celestial beings ever judged me.  Always have they provided me with the information and guidance that I needed at that time.  Consistently, have they encouraged me to rely upon the guidance that comes from the spirit within as a result of employing the techniques of spirit contact and communication they taught me.  

Today, I am grateful to say that guilt, fear, anxiety and worry no longer play an important role in my life.  I owe this all to the guidance and instruction I have received from these loving beings.  Today, I know without doubt that I am loved unconditionally by a loving, Heavenly Father who wants nothing but the best for me.  I have an opportunity for an eternal adventure if I so choose and, most importantly, I have been taught how I can at any time personally access and communicate with my inner spirit to gain insight and guidance regarding how to handle any life problem. 

If you have a sincere desire to learn more about who you really are, what your eternal destiny truly is and how you can begin to develop an inner spiritual life that brings joy, peace and serenity to you, then I would humbly advise you to learn more about what is presented here in this site.  I am one of many volunteers who are willing to assist you in this marvelous quest. 

As for me, I am a retired lawyer and former trial judge who currently lives in Sarasota, Florida with a wonderful spirit-filled lady friend.  I am divorced and have a beautiful 28 year old daughter who is a research scientist.  My hobbies are tennis, golf, sailing, fishing and kayaking.    

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