Mary Livingston

Mary 6-21-15
Mary Livingston

Hello all who visit. 

I will be pleased to hear from you through the Network. Here is my latest finished product for those interested in The Urantia Book.

Quivering on the Brink by Mary Ebben Livingston is a condensed work of The Urantia Book.

For those unfamiliar with The Urantia (pronounced you-ran'-chah) Book, it is a magnificent  work that was published in 1955 as the fifth epochal Revelation to our world. If The Urantia Book (Urantia being the celestial name of our world), is really a Revelation, then why have so many people not heard of it? That is an excellent question! If you have not heard of The Urantia Book it is because there are no churches or temples, no clergy, no human authors, and no official interpretation of the book. Amazing in today's world!

The Urantia Book is over a million words long and quite complex. It is beautiful and was life changing for me. However, the average person may not have years to invest in reading such a book to discover what it contains. If that is your situation, short on time but curious as to what celestials have to tell our world, then Quivering on the Brink is your answer! 

My desire, my passion, was to write a book that was shorter, easier to read, formatted the way people typically like to learn new material, offering visuals, while capturing the core teachings without distortion or interpretation. 

But, you will be challenged! Not everything you read will fit nicely into your current belief system. (Since there is no penalty for not believing all or only parts of the teachings, that should not be a problem.) You will read some material that will give you those "ah-ha" moments when a gap in your spiritual understandings suddenly comes together to make perfect sense. 

Quivering on the Brink by Mary Ebben Livingston is available at:

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