Raymon Miller


The short of it is that my spiritual journey has been a long, varied and remarkably rewarding path as the many stones and rotten cucumbers (as Jim Cleveland puts it) were turned over looking for answers as to who am I, why I am here, what’s my purpose, who’s really the wizard behind the curtain and where the heck is this journey taking me? … and a gazillion other questions. 

My first foray in the spiritual realms was at 12 years old when I was involved in séances with my mother and other ghostly experiences. Then onward to Silva Mind Control courses, psychic phenomenon, remote medical viewing, projecting one’s awareness or consciousness into things and elsewhere, then in 1978 I began an involvement with trance-channeling as a mediator and have many experiences of my own with the transmitted personalities and which continues today. In between this, my religious experiences included Catholicism, other variants of Christianity and several other various other Belief systems, all of which were interesting but unfulfilling and only had a piece of Truth for me, and turned out to be of great value in helping me understand others and their roots in their own adventures in to the different beliefs. 

Then about 9+ years ago I discovered the Urantia book which I picked up and put down several times over a couple of years as being too daunting to delve into. One day I took the book deciding I want to understand it since I kept being drawn to it for some reason, went to Maine to a beach hotel and sat for a week and read the book from waking to sleep. Have continued to read it several times since. I’ve had some personal revelations which have emblazoned my Faith in the Father. I then proceeded to start my own Urantia Book Study group which had a few steady members but evolved into mostly a ministry of sorts where people who couldn’t attend a scheduled meeting or get out of the house but still desired to discuss Urantia and its various aspects, I go to their homes and afford them time to think about Urantia topics, whatever interests them as it related to the Urantia book. These poor folks feel so isolated with no one to talk to about Urantia topics. This one-on-one discussion I still do and derive satisfaction in service. Eventually James reached out to me to join together and we merge our groups and efforts which we still do today and continue to collaborate on Urantia teaching efforts.

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