Roxanne Andrews


There was a time in my past when I didn’t believe in God, and placed my ‘faith’ in the sciences to answer my important questions about life and the nature of the universe.  When I was introduced to “The Urantia Book” (UB), in 1974, I finally found answers to questions that my education in the sciences couldn’t answer.  I also found a God that I could believe in, and a cosmology that made sense.  It was an adjunct to science, philosophy and religion that was cohesive and expansive, that overcame all my disbeliefs about the religions that I had studied earlier and had rejected.

I studied “The Urantia Book” avidly, attended and hosted study groups, attended conferences and made a lot of good friends that were also readers and seekers.  I looked forward to my retirement years when I could spend more time working on my spiritual growth.  Within a year of my retirement, I discovered the Teaching Mission, (TM) and began reading transcripts from the various Teaching Mission groups in the U.S.  Within two weeks, I attended my first TM conference, where I observed the transmitting/receiving process (TR) for the first time.  I met about 100 people who were all very stable, intelligent, well-grounded individuals that had been involved with the TM for nearly 10 years, and even longer with “The Urantia Book.”  Between the TM and the UB, I knew that I was on the right track for enhancing my spiritual growth.

Following the TM conference, I was very anxious to begin hosting a TM group since there were no groups in my area.  It was very fortunate that Daniel Raphael lived not too far away and was willing to be the TR for my group, while I recorded and transcribed the sessions.  I invited people from my UB study groups, and some from Boulder and we started the Northern Colorado Teaching Mission Group (NOCO) and began having regular sessions.  The celestial teacher that was assigned to our group was Teacher Rayson, one of the senior teachers, and we all dearly loved him and looked forward to his excellent sessions.  He gave an interesting series of lessons on “Building Intentional Communities,” which set the stage for our later work with Monjoronson.  The NOCO group lasted from 2001 to 2010.  Besides Rayson, we were given many other Celestial Beings as teachers, including Monjoronson, who later became our regular teacher.

After the NOCO group disbanded, Daniel and I continued working together and established an experimental co-creative design team, with Sondjah Melchizedek as our celestial consultant.  This has led to putting the instructions into various written forms, including a newly published book called, “Healing a Broken World: The Grassroots Guide to a Socially Sustainable Future,” with more publications to follow.

Since 2010, Daniel began TRing “Special Sessions,” related to improving our civilization, led by Monjoronson and Charles.  Those sessions evolved into sessions we call “Conversations with Monjoronson,” which are still continuing as of May 2013.  This series is focused on creating socially sustainable cultural organizations from the family unit and community level, all the way up through National and International levels, including all aspects of family life, education, health care, judicial, legislative bodies, businesses, corporations and all other social groupings.  Currently, none of our social institutions are sustainable, so this must be done in order to prevent the collapse of civilization.

Our Planetary Managers and Celestial Mentors have vast experience from seeing other inhabited worlds evolve, what the future of our world has in store if we do not mend our ways.  Our world’s civilization is in such dire straits that it will not survive without celestial help; however, they cannot save our world by fiat, but must teach us how to save our world.  We are in a more precarious state than the greatest majority of our people are aware and it will not change abruptly, but will need several generations to evolve into the status of sustainability.  However, the work must begin now and will take the dedication of a great number of mortals, worldwide, to begin the process of redesigning our social structures so they will last into the future and create a better, stable civilization for our world.  

Most individuals know that what we have been doing socially is not working; our healthcare system is not serving all individuals equally, and neither is our educational system; our judicial system needs an overhaul, and our government is dysfunctional; wars, which should be obsolete by now are still raging in many areas of our planet and the threat of nuclear war hangs over our heads like a big, black cloud.  Our hope for the future depends on individuals in all countries forming co-creative design teams, with a celestial mentor for assistance.  Help is available, but we must be the ones to ask for it, as our celestial friends cannot violate our free will by interfering in our affairs without an invitation to guide us in this most important work.

There are a large number of transcripts available to teach individuals and groups how to form co-creative design teams, and several books that have been written by Daniel Raphael and other members of our team, with more publications in the process of being written.  To access transcripts, go to or to and search for information on the co-creative design team process, under the celestial teachers Monjoronson, Charles and Sondjah, or contact me at for assistance.  “Healing a Broken World:  The Grassroots Guide to a Socially Sustainable Future,” is currently available through

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