Steffani Murray

Staffani Murray

I am a Registered Nurse with certifications in psychiatric and chemical dependency nursing. Currently 'semi-retired', although I work four evenings a week at the Leon County Homeless Shelter's Womens' Clinic in Tallahassee.  I also make on-call emergency psychiatric evaluations as an RN for a home healthcare agency.

I am a Transmitter/Receiver and have been active in the Teaching Mission since 1996.

I was adopted and raised by a Freudian psychoanalyst to have a secular and scientific world view. I nevertheless felt the call of the Spirit from an early age, clearly seeing the intelligent design of the Creator in animals and plants.

In my late teens, I asked the question with a sincere heart, "God, I need to know if You are real?" I was soon answered internally by a Voice that knew the answers to all of my questions. When I asked: "Who are you?"I  was told ..."the One your world knows as Jesus of Nazareth."

My earthly father, who believed all "religion is pathology" thought that this meant I had become psychotic. Nevertheless, Jesus/Christ Michael's Spirit of Truth has remained a steadfast ongoing Presence in my life ever since that day. He still knows the answers to all my questions, and has always been a most gracious and "Wonderful Counselor."

Later that same year, 1969, I had three experiences I can only describe as "out of time" events for which I had no previous frame of reference to understand.

Eventually, after eclectic studies of several world religions I concluded that the Bible didn't quite fit right with my personal experiences of my Creator, as the Son made the Father personally knowable to me. I found ACIM and the Urantia Book which were both harmoniously resonant within my being, which made an identification as a 'Jesusonian Christian' plausible.

In 1989 I began attending the yearly meetings of the Florida Students of the Urantia Book, along with my husband Alan and our young son Oren Rei. After several years, after Alan and I went our separate ways.Then I met an intriguing woman from South America at one on these annual meetings...She asked me what I wanted most, and I responded for our Heavenly Father's Will to be done.

Many months later a small book, in a plain white envelope, arrived at my home in Jacksonville, Florida. On the front the gold and white volume was titled 'The Code of Love', and on the flip side, 'Rule of the Divine Constitution ... Global Government of Humanity ...Order of Melchizedek.

Holding it in my hands, I began trembling uncontrollably in a way I never had experienced before, knowing somehow this was a current link to those inexplicable spiritual experiences of my youth. I began to read it, learning it was a series of letters from beings the Urantia Book had mentioned, the Counsel of Twenty-Four and others. Portions were incomprehensible to me, so I laid it aside for a long while. At the next FSUB meeting in May 1996, I met other friends I trusted who were familiar with the material, and who encouraged me to try again to read it, explaining it had been quickly translated from Spanish when the receivers were in danger from insurgents and had to flee to another country, so I picked it up again.

I was planning to attend my very first International Urantia Conference in Flagstaff, AZ in August. Several weeks prior, I was reading 'The Code' and meditating on what might be the duties of Lanaforge, the System Sovereign, who had replaced Lucifer, and also Hanavard, another one of the members of the cabinet of seven Lanonandeks as necessitated by the exigencies of the rebellion.

I suddenly sensed a kind of enormous pressure, as though something of the magnitude of one of the aircraft carriers from the Mayport NAS was poised over the block where my home was...and the presence of an unfamiliar spiritual energy.I understood this to be of a positive nature, and felt no fear. This  differed from Christ Michael's Presence, which had always included an inexplicable tender comforting feminine component along with His own, which was the only one with which I was familiar all those years. This person introducing himself presented with a distinctly dynamic quality. I felt a need to ask, "Who are you?" The answer was: "Lanaforge." I promptly stammered, "Oh, I didn't know you made house calls on mortals!"

He replied, "You were thinking about me, few Urantians do, and I was in your neighborhood." No nonsense from this guy. He asked, "Do you REALLY want to know about my job description?". I said "yes," and was immediately somehow being shown in my mind the equivalent of living '3-D full sensory video clips' of many planets and the peoples who lived there, just going about their daily lives. 
At last, when these awesome scenes of universe travel were finished, I understood, at least as much as possible for a mortal, that this is a big guy, with a big job, who has an amazing amount of love. And I knew something of what it would mean to be responsible for the progressive well-being of so many evolving mortals...and also the unfathomable magnitude of tragedy resulting from someone defaulting in that kind of position!

Not knowing why this was happening, I asked him if there would be any future contacts. I learned that most of my issues were on a level several degrees of 'bureaucracy' removed, but I was also reassured that the most suitable person to assist with these would always be made available to help, but if I thought I really needed him in particular for any reason regarding govenance, that he would definitely be reachable! I later learned in the Urantia Book that Lanaforge does indeed "frequently" visit our planet.

I had always believed that ET's and humans could communicate telepathically somehow, but this was a new experience for me as an adult, so I prayed, asking if all this is OK? This step gave me an amazing peace about the whole strange experience.

When I attended the Urantia conference a few weeks later, I first learned about the Teaching Mission, and I went to the the T/R  sessions. After that preliminary contact with Lanaforge, it just seemed like a natural development that people were now communicating with these invisible mostly extraterrestrial teachers!

After returning to Florida, I wanted to "do more," having receiving this blessing of developing "real time" friendships with a few personalities I'd learned about in the Urantia Book. I started facilitating both UB and ACIM study groups as a service project at the American Training Institute, the office of a friend who was spiritually open-minded and a PhD psychotherapist.(Oh my, what would my Daddy have thought if he hadn't passed on to 'whatever comes next' by then!

As I read through literature obtained at the UB conference one Sunday soon after, I found a message I really liked from someone, a teacher named Will. I liked it so much I shared it with the two guys  who were regulars at my UB study group. Afterwards, I offhandedly remarked, "I wish I had more of this author's writings to read."

Adam, a Jewish/Buddhist myofascial massage therapy student, whom I'd known quite awhile from the Unity Church ACIM group, got a very strange look on his face. He said, "Wait a minute. Did you say this guy is named Will and lives in Tallahassee?" I affirmed this was all the information given, and Adam got up and left. Soon he returned with a spiral-bound booklet titled, "Lessons in Enlightenment". 

He said," I was at a book signing over the weekend in Tallahassee. I met this guy named Fred Harris, who was rather persistent in telling me I should take a copy of this unpublished manuscript by his friend, Will. I told him I wasn't interested, but it must have been for you! It was in the trunk of my car."

Any chance I might have managed to ever deny the reality of the Teaching Mission was erased by the eventual realization that an invisible celestial being had somehow managed to bring me an unpublished lesson book, even faster than Fed-Ex could have brought me an existing book I might have ordered from Barnes and Noble that Sunday, when I had first wished I had more of Will's material to read!

Ultimately, after a series of adventures and a few detours later, eventually Spirit led me to move to Tallahassee!

Several years later I had some fun, when Adam Margolis, by then a practicing audiologist, 'coincidentally' showed up at American Home Patient, where I was working, to do an in-service program for the nursing staff. Later, we spent some time catching up about his life, his relatively recent marriage, the birth of a beloved baby daughter, and many good blessings which had transpired. Then I asked him: "Do you remember that book you once brought me from Tallahassee when we lived in Jacksonville?" He did. I explained: "I didn't know it at the time, but 'Will' is a female personage from another planet!" His expression was priceless.

Today I remain immeasurably grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about the immensity of God's Love, and acknowledge that what the Master has said about us living in a friendly universe is true and can be personally experienced by everyone, thanks to Jesus' human life lived amongst us, and the victory over the cosmic set-backs our planet has endured, which are currently being overcome during this 'correcting time' era.

Everyone willing to commune with our Heavenly Father in stillness, may indeed become "a friend of God," receiving His personal guidance on how each may serve best to bring His Will to pass as all that is done upon Urantia. We are being blessed beyond measure by the myriad wonderful universal personalities who work as ONE with the Creator of us All in the mobilizing venture of God the Supreme

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