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As a network, we try to stay abreast of the burgeoning world of spirituality being showcased on the Internet as the concepts of Oneness, Stillness, personal religion and unconditional love take hold in the world. Here is a collection of links and resources that we believe can be useful in your explorations, including connections to thousands of Teaching Mission transcripts and recordings.

Teaching Mission Links

This exploration of the Spiritual Universe includes several years of Teaching Mission lessons and a complete download of the first edition of the Urantia Book. Also suites for art, poetry, video, books, music, photography and links to Planetary Light-bringers. Our multi-media Exploration of the Spiritual Universe is for your enlightenment and entertainment. We'll range from the exposure of corruptions that blight our world to the highest visions of goodness. We hope you will participate by sending us your creative expressions that speak to spiritual values, including essays, videos, MP3 music tracks, podcasts, poetry, artwork and photographs. We want to showcase your activist movements for social and spiritual progress, so send your links. We also need associate editors who can help maintain and grow the site, and we welcome your constructive feedback as well. The planet is quickening with new energies and insights, even as we stand at the brink of catastrophes from war, corruption and environmental crises. Hope you will join us in showcasing paths to enlightenment, and in realizing our Oneness in the Spirit. - Jim Cleveland

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UrantiaUniversity is a global center of study and service, based on the truths in The Urantia Book, dedicated to training farseeing leaders and fostering spiritual community.  The university follows a model of "learning and doing" for fostering personal spiritual development in which all learners, instructors and members of the UrantiaUniversity community are engaged in service projects as part of their university participation. The learning community embodies groups of individuals who seek to comprehensively explore and realize the truths of The Urantia Book and actualize them in their lives. UrantiaUniversity offers not only a training path for those interested in learning to share The Urantia Book through effective and innovative classes, but also a vehicle for advancing scholarship in Urantia Book research and studies. is offering courses on the Urantia Book now. 

The Urantia Fellowship,, will be offering course in the summer of 2015. is a teaching mission library which stores and displays the lesson transcriptions of celestial teachers who have been teaching on Urantia since 1991 as part of the overarching Correcting Time.  The web site is an educational effort containing many translations and historical documents for public use of written text originating in spirit.   These publications provide us current knowledge about the basics of spiritual influence and design on our planetary development.

This is a new website focusing on the teachning mission and the Urantia Revelation. Keep it bookmarked! This is the website that Byron Belitsos and Jerry Lane and contains video material and introduces new books.

Daynal Institute and the Nordan Scriptorium offer a massive searchable archive of human-celestial communications over the centuries, including the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission.

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Our first goal of The Return to Life Foundation is to help raise awareness of coma and traumatic brain injury through education. We will be doing this by holding educational talks and seminars through-out the US, as well as other countries, to help develop a better understanding of the reality of living with and recovering from Coma and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Allison Zopel has returned to life, and has recently completed a book about her experience of being in a five year coma, with severe brain injuries. In her book, The Angel Inside: A Young Woman’s Healing Journey Through Coma and Brain Injury, Allison describes what it was like to be in a coma from the inside-looking out, on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level; as well as her evolving relationship with God. Filled with depictive illustrations, art, poetry, and conversations with God, Allison makes her way through an unfathomable journey to return to life to help others who may be trapped inside, and voiceless.

THE CENTER WITHIN is based on the core lessons of the Teaching Mission. Its 130 lessons, transmitted by the teacher named Will, are designed to be a helpful and practical companion to the complex Urantia text, as each instruction is matched with a pertinent quote from the book itself.

THE SECRET REVELATION: Unveiling the Mystery of the Book of Revelation by Stella Religa, with Byron Belitsos. The Secret Revelation challenges this generation of Christians with a hopeful and original interpretation of John’s prophecy based on The Urantia Book and provides a comprehensive introduction to the Urantia Revelation for Christian believers. 

Key Author: Jim Cleveland. Teaching Mission related books:  Beyond Cynicism, Celestials over Cincinnati and Celestial Songbooks I and II. Also available at Amazon and other booksellers.

Publishers of transmitted books Welmek on Prayer, Fruits of the Spirit, with teacher Tomas, and JOYce Brenton’s daily Jesus meditations. Also Spirits of Promise, relating the seven chakras to Urantia’s seven adjutant mind spirits.  Links to author, transmitter and spiritual activist Gerdean O’Dell.


11:11 Progress Group's website,

One of best sites and daily inspirations come from George Bernard and the 11:11 Progress Group. "Our earthly 1,111 Spirit Guardians, often called "Midwayers," have been assisting folks of all walks of life for many centuries. George Barnard, the original human member of the 11:11 Progress Group, has been privileged to call them his family, his coworkers, friends and teachers for almost 60 years." The website contains transcripts of message over the years and a store from which to acquire George's autobiographical adventures with the Midwayers that crop up in his life. Sign up for the daily message from a Midwayer or other celestial personality. Check out the this link to one of the books George has published in addition to his several autobiographical books.

The Center for Christ Consciousness nurtures people in the development of their spiritual journey.  Services provided help people access their own Indwelling Divine Source, develop an intimate relationship with our Universe Parents, train for celestial contact, and Generational Healing. Transformational tools provided are books and CDs, including a new edition of Teach Us To Love.

The Urantia Book OutReach Organization is a new weblink for UB readers that takes one into many portals. The primary feature is this website is a link to their Facebook page wherein they have created one video (so far) from the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

Filmmaker Richard Jernigan explores the Urantia Book’s version of the life and teachings of Jesus against the backdrop of modern day Israel and the Palestinian territories. Both meditative and informative, A FEAST OF UNCERTAINTY goes where Jesus lived and taught as described in the Urantia Book. Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, and other key sites are revealed with a fresh eye and sympathic regard for the people living amidst 4000-plus years of history and ever-present random violence. The film is narrated with text from the Urantia Book, bringing to life the book’s profound, universal viewpoint on the life and teachings of Jesus, teachings that step beyond Christianity, for all humanity.

You can watch two very interesting clips from the film on the website.

www.Life on Other

What happens to us when we die? Is there really such a thing as heaven, where God has “prepared a place for us,” or does life for us begin and end on planet Earth? Are all those orbs in the seemingly infinite universe just put there for us to admire as we gaze up into the night sky? Or is there life on all those other worlds?

The ministry of "Church Within" is devoted to the universal realization that every individual is infinitely loved and cared for by the Divine Original Parent. Our ministry is not to tell people about God and Jesus. There are already enough good and sincere churches established to do just that. Our ministry is to show all mankind what we believe Jesus Christ would personally do for them, by our example of actually doing those things; by doing those things that we believe would be pleasing to God; that would make our Infinite Parent supremely happy and proud of us as aware, devoted, and loving children. Our purpose is to do anything and everything which is loving and good, and which will make this world the place that Jesus and God want it to be. We intend to so transform this planet for God's good that "Armageddon" will no longer be necessary. We will no longer tolerate spiritual pain, suffering, and injustice. It is our goal to eliminate them by truly loving each other as God does. We hereby pledge to render unto government the things that belong to government, and render unto God the things that are God's. We also pledge to promote peace on earth by the continued desire for understanding and appreciation of the incredible diversity of God's creation, creatures, and children.

Humanity’s Team celebrates the Oneness of Spirit globally. Author Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God & other books have inspired & supported the movement. Stewards are needed in administrative & creative roles across the world.

Jim Cleveland and Mark Austin offer 10 CDs of poetry and music co-created with Celestial Artisans who are available to work with you in any style of art. 

The Soul Series includes: Souls Pouring, Souls Blooming, Soul Struggles, Soul Stories, Souls Restless, Soul Synthesis, and Soul Searching. Guest artists include Dark Fire Cloud, Lily Fraser, Rick Brunson, Mark Turnbull, Francyl Gawryn, Cristina Seaborn, Richard Knox, Em McElderry, Barbara Hester, Jim Cooper, Susan Mogilka and Common Ground, Charley Packard, Polarity Shift, Mark George-Moore, Stephanie Gjerde, and Dan Tyler.

Celestial Fusions: Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time. Readings from teacher transmissions explain the mission, interspersed with musical suites. 

Jesus of Urantia: In His Own Words. Readings from the Jesus papers of The Urantia Book. is the website of 11:11-The Correcting Time

It is the mission of the 11:11 The Correcting Time Organization to reach the heart, mind, and soul of all those who are searching for deeper meaning in their life and in their relationship with Spirit.

"Our 7-step plan is to help you:

  1. Understand your purpose as an ascending soul who is deeply loved by the Creator
  2. Develop a sense of universe citizenship that transcends material life
  3. To have a far-seeing view of life in eternity and to make decisions based on continuity
  4. Develop your spiritual potential and awareness of the primary relationship--the Indwelling Presence of the Creator
  5. Recognize the eternal potential and value of all people on earth as children of the same Creator regardless of their awareness thereof
  6. To provide insight and knowledge about spiritual communication and the development of spiritual relationships
  7. To train new teachers to continue the work of the Correcting Time

We are dedicated to the awakening process—to enlighten with Universal Truth, to inspire with heart-centered Beauty, and to embody the Goodness and Higher Love of the Indwelling Spirit—to reach out to as many people as we can who desire to know who they really are, why they are here at this time on earth, and to discover their "inner" and "inter" connectedness to all life."


The Urantia Book Study Group of Southwest Florida

This group has a very active website with a lot of fine new videos from other places, such as Urantia University. Go to

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The Urantia Book Fellowship of readers

Comprehensive site for Urantia sharings by the Jesusonian Foundation in Boulder, CO

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