Heaven Is Not The Last Stop

HeavenIsNotTheLastStop bookcover

The challenge for every new generation is to further the progress of human civilization while conserving the worthwhile values of the past. But in our generation, says Sheila Keene-Lund, an unprecedented cultural and spiritual stagnation stands in the way of progress. And because humanity's evolution is stalled, we may greatly delay taking our next evolutionary step: discovering the reality of our cosmic citizenship in a friendly and intelligently managed universe. Heaven Is Not the Last Stop makes a powerful case that now, more than ever, new revelation is needed to enlighten our confused world. Keene-Lund believes that The Urantia Book which claims to be a planetary revelation meets and exceeds our present evolutionary need. 

Heaven Is Not the Last Stop assembles its cosmic reality frame from traditional sources and from the author s advanced study of The Urantia Book, a 2,097-page text first published in 1955. The result of her15 years of research is a demanding, yet persuasive narrative woven from insights in philosophy, history, science, and religion, which goes far beyond traditional models of heaven and hell, even transcending cutting-edge principles of today's metaphysics, theology, and cosmology. 

But if we truly are cosmic citizens, and if heaven is not our last stop, then what is? In her quest to answer this question and discover where we have fallen short in our understanding of spiritual evolution, Keene-Lund inquires into such questions as: What is the purpose, structure, and organization of the universe? What prehistoric facts underlie the creation myths? What is heaven and its relation to the material universe? Who was Jesus and what were his original teachings? What is the goal of spiritual evolution?
Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is presented in four well-researched sections, with 33 illustrations and hundreds of references. The first three sections reconcile generally accepted knowledge of humanity s origin, history and destiny with the Urantia text's perspective. Section IV presents a framework for transformation that is infused both by revealed principles and by decades of the author's own spiritual experimentation. The ultimate aim of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop is to dispel confusion and fuel the spiritual power of transformation that fosters a life of love and service.

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