The Center Within

The Center Within 

Edited by Byron Belitsos and Fred Harris

Finally, the spiritual essence of an extraordinary revelation -- made easily accessible! The Center Within presents teachings heretofore known to few on this planet -- lessons that are based on the legendary twentieth-century revelatory document known as The Urantia Book.

These invaluable exercises bring the Urantia revelation to life, unveiling for the first time the spiritual essence of this underground masterpiece in a series of practical lessons that simplify and amplify its majestic teachings. This unusual book of celestial wisdom shows that the spiritual path must eventually lead to the divine center within, the indwelling light that corresponds with the transcendent light of God. The Center Within provides 130 lessons that restate the original teachings of Jesus -- as presented in The Urantia Book -- within a startling new cosmological framework.

The Center Within is also the first of a series of books based on the Teaching Mission, a unique movement initiated by an organized corps of celestial teachers linked to the Urantia revelation. Their lessons are designed to be a helpful and practical companion to the complex Urantia text, as each instruction is matched with a pertinent quote from The Urantia Book itself. In this first volume, readers will discover a new cosmic spirituality that locates the love of our Father-Mother-Creator at the center of a vast universe of inhabited planets -- and at the heart-center of each one of us.

Fred Harris and Byron Belitsos are long-time students of The Urantia Book and were participants in the Teaching Mission from its inception in 1992. Harris is an attorney and father of two; Belitsos is the publisher of Origin Press and is an author, journalist, and poet

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