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In everlasting gratitude to the Creator of all, I shall endeavor to briefly explain the journey of my quest for soul-peace. Having been raised in the strict doctrine of Calvinism, and the teaching of the first catechism, my siblings and I were left with precious little room to either appreciate, or even validate ourselves. Laboring under the concept of having been conceived and born in sin, we were raised to believe we were incapable of doing anything right. To me this always was a very dismal outlook on life, besides my learning that Jesus had to pay for our sins with his blood by being nailed to a cross. His having been crucified for our sins, never sat well with me. I remembered a story of long ago about a king who employed a gardener. Both had sons of about the same age, and the prince and the gardener’s son often played together. One day, the gardener’s son did something seriously wrong, but the king made the prince pay for the misdeed of the gardener’s son. This story really woke me up! I knew a loving God would never subject his Son to punishment so undeserved.

My search now started in earnest, and I began looking for the Master in many different churches, yet I was unable to find Him. One day, I cried out to Him in desperation, and immediately I was blessed with a glorious Lightbeam, which forever anchored me between heaven and earth. In that instant I knew that the name of a church, or its teachings, were not important. Only my connection to Jesus was of the essence. Peace beyond understanding filled my soul, and my prevously troubled life finally had great meaning to me.

After a while, I was urged to keep that connection open from my end, so I started my early morning meditations. I journaled my daily conversations with Jesus, so I could re-read them whenever I felt the need. Over time, different voices taught me, and finally I made contact with that most important Spark from God, which lives in each of us, guiding us throughout our lives lives, if we so will it.

There arrived a newness in my life with the knowing that we all have a part to play in creation, and that our planet is just as lovingly ministered to as are all other planets in time and space. Herewith, I offer you, the reader, together with my heartfelt gratitude to all Celestials who assisted me on my path, the results of my daily listening.

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