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"Are we children of God, or simply complex animals? Will we survive death, or are we doomed to extinction? Is humankind an accident, or are we part of a grand universe plan? The Urantia Papers give persuasive answers to these questions. Over 500,000 copies of The Urantia Book are now in print. But, who wrote it, and by what authority? More intriguing and thrilling than any science fiction or mystery story are the actual events that were set into motion in Chicago nearly 100 years ago and eventually resulted in one of the most astounding publications ever printed. However, until now, a carefully documented history of these Papers, where they came from, and how they became published as The Urantia Book, has not been available. In A History of the Urantia Papers, Larry Mullins and Dr. Meredith Sprunger have collaborated to strip away prejudice and superstition and unfold the facts about the origin and history of the Urantia Papers. Whether you are familiar with the Urantia Papers or simply curious about them, you will find A History of the Urantia Papers a captivating and challenging story."

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Note by James Leese

This is the best book regarding the origin of The Urantia Papers I have found. Mullins has done an incredible job of researching and, along with Dr. Sprunger, has presented a case for the most complete analysis ever undertaken in the search for the origins of truth.

(Left, diagram from book of thoeretical explanation of physical appearance of the Urantia Papers, according to Bill Sadler, Jr.)


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