The Teaching Mission

TheTeachingMission Book Cover

For the first time, the untold history of the Teaching Mission is revealed in a new book edited by Jim Cleveland: The Teaching Mission. This extraorinary work is  “a compilation based on over two decades of lessons by celestial teachers, along with reflections, historical notes, and commentaries by their human students.”

Currently available from the publisher Authorhouse in softcover or ebook formats.


Lucifer's rebellion against God is over in the Heavens. Our world is being adjudicated and cleansed in an interplanetary Correcting Time. New spiritual energy circuits are active and available. Waves of Celestial Teachers are re-connecting ascending mortals to the Divine Plan of Universe Education.

Events are aligning themselves now that will change your world. Its destiny is unfolding in perfect order. Evolutions in concept and spirit unfoldment are taking place at unheard-of rates and we are here to steady you in this time of emergence, to prepare you, to protect you, to urge you onward. We are not interested in your mental constructs; we are interested in opening your hearts to love, in quickening your desire to serve. Truth is living, and altogether too fluid and immediate to be captured and contained in your word forms. Therefore, we ask you to judge not with your intellect but with your heart, for there is the dwelling of the Spirit of Truth. — Emmanuel, a personal guide, Pittsburgh, PA

The entire ascendant plan of mortal progression is characterized by the practice of giving out to other beings new truth and experience just as soon as acquired. You work your way through the long school of Paradise attainment by serving as teachers to those pupils just behind you in the scale of progression." — The Urantia Book, page 339

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