What Jesus Said

A new Kindle™ book just announced: What Jesus Said, from the words of Jesus in The Urantia Book, edited by Robert Devine.

What Jesus Said bookcover

Have you ever wanted to know what Jesus said without all the discussion, dialogue, and interpretation surrounding his words? Personally, I wanted to be able to understand what he said in response to his life situations and all the questions being asked of him without hearing somebody else tell me what he meant and without having to wade through all the other dialogue of various other characters that lived and wrote about Christ's life and teachings. 

That's what inspired the "What Jesus Said" project, beginning with the words of Christ from the New Testament which are part of another book, and now with the Urantia Papers, which detail several hundred pages of the life and teachings of Jesus. 

Although Christ’s teachings are just the tip of the iceberg in the overall 2000 plus pages of the Urantia Papers, I believe they are compelling for those who want to know more about what Jesus actually said in the hopes of inspiring a mode of living that is true to his teachings.


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